I don't want to know the reason why

Happy national dog day to my three pups! 🎉
Love my friends! (at Western University of Health Sciences)
She loves him 😊 @mtbigham  (at In-N-Out Burger - La Verne)
Bucca do Beppo with not favourite ❤️ @mtbigham  (at Bucca Di Beppo)
So glad this cutie is here with me 😊 @mtbigham  (at The Daumier at Western University)
Can’t wait to see this amazing man again in just eight days! I love you more than words can say ❤️
So… I really like books… (Not pictured: Budras Anatomy x3, Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy, Pasquini Anatomy, and the the rads atlas by Thrall!)
Missing these babies more and more every day!
Went to Bruxie for the first time. Breakfast never tasted so good.  (at Bruxie Chino Hills)

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