I don't want to know the reason why

I love SoCal ❤️ (at I Like Pie)
Thanks dad for more books! ❤️
Piper modeling her new collar… And horrible shave job 😝
Better view of my pretty the campus and surrounding area is 😊 (at Western University of Health Sciences)
Love this school ❤️ (at Western University of Health Sciences)
Piper and I getting some much needed vitamin D! (at San Dimas Canyon Park)
The start of a long day!
In honour of big/little appreciation week, I have to post a picture of some of my favourite people. My big and little are some of the most amazing, inspirational people I’ve ever met and I’m so lucky to have them in my life. I can’t wait to see them again when I come home this summer! #biglittle #demzeta #ΔΕΜ
Because I’d be nothing without my trainer! ❤️
2 kewt 2 handle (at HITS Ocala)